Waste Options

Waste Options provides waste management services for all sizes of businesses throughout Australia with the prime mission of being Flexible, Credible and Fair to all our clients. In our experience most small and medium sized (SME’s) businesses are treated extremely poorly as long term loyalty is rewarded with extremely high prices and one sided contracts. Waste Options provides all SME’s in Australia a waste management alternative that rewards loyalty with fair pricing at all times and a flexible contract that benefits our clients.

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Small / Medium Business Waste Management

Lets offer small and medium business' contract flexibility with options such as;

  • No "locked-in" contracts
  • No automatic contract rollover or renewal
  • No Admin or Environmental Fees
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Direct debit
  • Credible price reviews
  • Fair price


Large and National Business Waste Management

We will deliver your services using our pre-qualified, Australia-wide network of suppliers which are regularly researched, tested and monitored.

  • We have in each location, the best provider by cost, service and reporting capabilities
  • Formulated price reviews
  • Continuous improvements and innovations
  • Access to national and international recyclers
  • One Contact, One Invoice, One report

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